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Our softswitch is running on the multiple DELL Blade Servers which offer an ideal blend of density, performance, efficiency, scalability and reliability.


Our softswitch contains PortaSwitch ( https://portaone.com/) as the core and multiple own applications, modules and internal tools. Each business critical component of PortaSwitch is placed in a cluster of multiple servers to deliver exceptional redundancy of these essential functions; in addition, transparent load-sharing increases the capacity level of the whole system.


The most part of our equipment is located in INTERXION datacenter in Brussels, Belgium ( https://www.interxion.com ) which offer the highest level of security (full redundancy, permanent power supply, efficient cooling, outstanding fire protection, flawless leak detection, etc.).

Internet connection

PortaLinks uses its own independent network and IP address range for all of the services provided. Uninterrupted Internet connectivity used: with two separate lines coming in from two different ISPs, we have eliminated our risk of data communication downtime.

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