Service Provider solution

When a VoIP business starts it requires significant investments to the equipment, software, technical staff and rental fees in the data centers. Using the cloud technologies which became regular in our life we are glad to offer you a remote cloud based technology: VoIP Service Provider Solution. Our carrier-grade platform allows providing a full range of VoIP and internet services without additional expenses.

To whom Service Provider Solution is targeted?

  • To the Providers who wish to avoid the investments in their own set of VoIP equipment, in-house billing system, servers, software, and most notably, technical supporting staff
  • To the Providers who operate their own TDM switch, Softswitch, or VoIP gateways and wish to expand their business using the alternative or additional options
  • To the growing VoIP Resellers who want to provide their customers with new services and have sub-Resellers being independent from the limitations of the reseller programs.
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