About Us

What PortaLinks does?

PortaLinks is the premium-quality provider for termination of the international telecommunication traffic. We provide our customers with the lowest rates for international calls to any destination in the world. Calls are going through our network and reaching each and every country on the globe.

PortaLinks terminates large quantities of telecom traffic worldwide. Due to our considerable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates on the market, and therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients.

PortaLinks provides A-Z voice termination through regular PSTN interconnections with many different world’s leading telecommunication carriers. Its own unique on-line intelligent routing engine applies for each incoming call the highest-quality route for the moment available. As the result PortaLinks is able to provide the best quality-cost balanced call termination service on the market: the cheapest rates available for the really working routes!

The PortaLinks’s network is supported by a 7/24 Network-Operation-Centre, ensuring the permanent high quality of our service.

For the moment PortaLinks offers the following types of termination services (routing plans):

  • First Class

Quality based routing. For each call system applies the best (judging from the statistics and customer’s feedback) route for the moment from the whole list of available routes. Guaranteed FAX transmission and CLI/ANI delivery.

  • Business Class

Balanced quality-cost (quality predominating) routing. For each call system applies the highest-quality route from the list of cost-accepted available routes for the moment.


  • Easy signup – instant account activation
  • EUR and USD accounts
  • 2 different routing plans (Business Class, First Class)
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Card and PayPal
  • Minimum top-up amount required: 20 EUR / 30 USD
  • No VAT tax to companies outside European Union
  • No recurring charges for basic services
  • No monthly top-up or volume commitment required
  • 24/7 on-line account management portal with real-time CDRs
  • Early warning E-mail prevents clients from running out of credit
  • 1/1 (per second) Billing on most destinations without call setup fee
  • Protocols supported: SIP
  • Authentication methods supported: Digest (SIP user name & password) and Remote IP
  • Codecs supported: G.723.1, G.729, G.711
  • Fax support: industry standard T.38
  • High level of security. Our anti-fraud on-line monitor allows to minimize the risk of hacker’s attacks to customer’s account and VoIP equipment


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