The complete exclusive softswitch hosting solution for your VoIP Business!

PortaLinks provides unique benefits for VoIP Business via the most complete and improved hosted PortaSwitch Installation.


The comprehensive product consists of the real-time billing system, Class 4/5 SIP softswitch, application servers which deliver converged VoIP billing and provisioning, SIP call control, Unified Messaging, IP Centrex, Calling Card and CallBack management, IVRs, conferencing, Callshop Billing System, anti-fraud monitoring and more.

VoIP Service Provider product allows access to the complete hosted PortaSwitch platform that gives the benefits of having a softswitch and billing platform without capital investment, maintenance costs or deployment delays. Our carrier-grade platform allows Service Providers to offer a full set of VoIP services based on stable and reliable platform supported by professional team.

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